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Plano West HS tournament results October 20-21
Public Forum
Robert Brown/Sarika Kotha  1st place  TOC Bid

Stratford HS tournament results October 20-21
Lincoln Douglas
Jason Kraynak  octofinals

Novice Lincoln Douglas
Sernry Tu  1st place
David Tang  octofinals

Bellaire HS Public Forum Round Robin results October 15
Robert Brown/Sarika Kotha  3rd place

Wisdom HS tournament results October 7
Lincoln Douglas
Lucy Ding  3rd place
Arianna Zhao  6th place
Sernry Tu  10th place

Arianna Zhao 3rd place LD speaker award

JV Lincoln Douglas
William Fan  1st place
Daniel Chen  2nd place
Shravya Aparasu  3rd place
Gloria Xie 7th place
Zaid Ali 9th place
Bryce Liu 10th place

William Fan 1st place JV LD speaker award
Shravya Aparasu 3rd place JV LD speaker award

Langham Creek HS tournament results September 29-30
Lincoln Douglas
Alex Pantazopol  octofinals
Lucy Ding  octofinals

Foreign Extemp
Lucy Ding  5th place

Clear Falls HS tournament results September 22-23
Lincoln Douglas
Alex Pantazopol  finals closeout
Jason Kraynak    finals closeout

Alex Pantazopol 1st place speaker award

Alief Elsik HS tournament results September 15-16
Lincoln Douglas
Jason Kraynak  1st place

Novice Lincoln Douglas
Arianna Zhao  1st place

News & Stories from December 2016-June 2017
Bellaire Debate
Member of the
National Speech &
Debate Association
since 1955.
Robert Brown 1st place speaker award PF

Public Forum
Omar Busaidy/Vedanth Ramabhadran octos
Jeffrey Chen/Lucy Wu octos
Jordan Hinrichs/Andrew Lu  octos

Patrick Han 1st place speaker award PF

Novice Public Forum
Pramit De/Jeffrey Chuong  1st place
Pranav Bommekal/Isabel Lan quarterfinals

Public Forum
Andrew Sun/James Li  1st place
Omar Busaidy/Vedanth Ramabhadran 2nd place
Jeffrey Chen/Lucy Wu 4th place
Sarah Birenbaum/Elina Chen  5th place
Joy Li/Tristan Koster  6th place

James Li 1st place PF speaker award
Jeffrey Chen 3rd place PF speaker award

JV Public Forum
Annie Zhu/Shirley Zhu 1st place
Isabel Richards/Safia Khan 2nd place
Luna Chen/Michelle Sun  3rd place
Thomas Lai/Bryan Bartee  4th place
Pramit De/Jeffrey Chuong  5th place
Tarun Jangama/Heather Huang  6th place
Aditya Sood/Nathan Tran 7th place
Pranav Bommekal/Pranav Kumar 8th place
Isabel Lan/Christopher Zhou  9th place

Annie Zhu 1st place JV speaker award
Aditya Sood 2nd place JV speaker award
Pranav Kumar 3rd place JV speaker award

Ioana Nechiti  1st place
Sean Lu 4th place

JV Congress
Saumya Jhaveri  1st place
Evan Zhao  2nd place
Ryan Lu  3rd place
Miles Mackenzie 4th place

Public Forum
Jacob Tate/Alissa Kono 3rd place
Omar Busaidy/Vedanth Ramabhadran octos

Sherley Wang 13th place

Novice Public Forum
James Li/Andrew Sun  1st place
Annie Zhu/Shirley Zhu  4th place
Luna Chen/Michelle Sun  4th place

Public Forum
Robert Brown/Sarika Kotha  finals closeout
Jacob Tate/Alissa Kono        finals closeout
Omar Busaidy/Vedanth Ramabhardran octos

Robert Brown 1st place speaker award
Jacob Tate  5th place speaker award
Vedanth Ramabhardran 12th place speaker
Sarika Kotha  13th place speaker

Congressional Debate
Ioana Nechiti  6th place
Rebecca Parsons  10th place
Sherley Wang  13th place

Congressional Debate
Evan Finley  4th place